Meet Me


              24. World Enthusiast. Public Relations Beginner. Welcome. My Page. 

Simply put I am a Dallas girl at heart. I am the oldest of three siblings all ranging three years apart and I love college sports like pigs love mud. At 14-years-old I decided that I would enter the world of strategic communications after my marketing teacher told me all the glamours of his wife’s job. Super Bowl events, shaking hands and making moves. After testing out them all, I landed on the lovely world of public relations.

Three Things to Know About Me: 

1. I would rather make money than socialize, but if I can get paid to socialize then I am a happy girl.

2. I live for online shopping.

3. I believe in doing everything you can while you can.


Why did you choose public relations?

Despite my knack to make anyone fall in love with me through a single conversation, I appreciate the nature of communications through pr. It’s personal, its intimate. It allows you to connect to your audience in way marketing and advertising won’t allow. You get a sense of who you are in order to help your client become the best version of themselves.

What do you hope to do in the field of public relations?

Public relations is a stepping stone to greater feats in this life. In the fall I plan to attend graduate school at my alma mater, University of North Texas, to work towards my degree in public administration. I believe pr will give me the foundation needed to further build on my efforts to give back to the communities that help make me who I am.

What are you currently doing in the field?

I am currently an intern with the esteemed public relations firm, Strauss Marketing and Public Relations, based out of Dallas, TX. Upon completion of my internship, I will take a position with Implement Media Group as their public relations specialist.

What do you hope to accomplish in the next ten years?

In the next ten years I hope to have attained my M.P.A. and M.A. in order to successfully establish private-sector organizations to assist and improve on the quality of life pertaining to minorities in America. Along with continuing my education in the field of communications.


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